A Common Operating Picture For Air Force Materiel by Raymond A. Pyles, Robert S. Tripp, Kristin F. Lynch, Don

By Raymond A. Pyles, Robert S. Tripp, Kristin F. Lynch, Don Snyder, Patrick Mills

Describes a possible universal working method (COP) for the Air strength materiel sustainment method (MSS). The authors first advance a COP in accordance with the foundations of effects-based measures, schwerpunkt (organizational focus), determination rights, and a nonmarket fiscal framework, then they practice the COP to depot-level reparable part sustainment to demonstrate how the COP may enhance total MSS potency and responsiveness.

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Explained another way, there is a natural conflict between the supply side and demand side for any service or good. The demand side may demand more than the supply side can provide, or the supply side may not deliver all that it has available. Framework 15 In many daily situations, one can rely on a market to resolve many of those conflicts and maintain a modicum of efficiency in the production and consumption of goods and services. In a market, competition among sellers (and also among buyers) assures that producers sell their products or service at prices near the minimum that sellers will accept; if the producers do not, other producers will enter the market and sell the product at a lower price, driving the higher-cost producer out of the market.

More important, command centers can retask units as the situation changes, and the units can coordinate their interdependent actions more closely without burdening higher headquarters. From these initial military operations successes, other government agencies have begun to develop their own GIS-oriented common operating pictures. In particular, the Department of Homeland Security has begun to develop and deploy its own COP capability to coordinate federal, state, and local agencies’ responses to natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Trend measures provide an important complement to the threshold values, in that they may signal a deteriorating situation before the threshold value is reached. To ensure a system is achieving (or will ultimately achieve) its target MOE level, we envision using sentinels that automatically monitor the system’s MOEIs. By comparing those MOEIs to threshold values needed to achieve the target MOE, the sentinel could signal Method for Designing a Common Operating Picture 25 operational suppliers, demanders, and neutral integrators of current or impending problems that would jeopardize their objectives.

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