A companion to modern Chinese literature by Yingjin Zhang

By Yingjin Zhang

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Paradoxes of Rationality and Cooperation: Prisoner's Dilemma and Newcomb's Problem

This anthology, the 1st to collect an important philosophical essays at the paradoxes, analyses the ideas underlying the Prisoner's difficulty and Newcomb's challenge and evaluates the proposed ideas. The correct theories were constructed over the last 4 many years in various disciplines: arithmetic, economics, psychology, political technology, biology, and philosophy.

Material spirit : religion and literature intranscendent

The essays during this assortment study philosophical, spiritual and literary or inventive texts utilizing methodologies and insights that experience grown out of mirrored image on literature and artwork. summary: An interdisciplinary number of essays delivering a clean tackle the debates bearing on idealism and materialism, transcendence and immanence.

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