A Darker Dream (Love Spell romance) by Amanda Ashley

By Amanda Ashley

Falling in love with the younger lady whose father had offered her to him to place foodstuff at the desk, the night-dwelling Rayven fights the ardour he swears he can by no means consider and attempts to develop into a benevolent host to the attractive Rhianna. Original."

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In the summer, she bathed in the river. Only in the winter did they bathe indoors, and then she had to wait her turn. Usually, by the time she got in, the water was cool. And dirty. She stepped carefully into the tub and sat down, a contented sigh escaping her lips as the blissfully hot water closed around her. Perhaps living here would not be so bad. The two rooms she had been given were larger than the hut she shared with her parents and sisters. She washed her hair three times, her body twice, and still she sat in the water, basking in its warmth, until the water grew cool.

But then, rumors of strange doings at Rayven Castle were rampant in town. Some said the place was haunted; others said that they knew of women who had gone there and had never been seen or heard from again. But they were only rumors, and she had never given much credence to idle gossip. After all, people said her father drank too much and that he beat his wife and children, and Rhianna knew that wasn't true. Vincent McLeod might not be the kindest, most affectionate father in the town, but he wasn't a monster, either.

She stared up at him, caught in the web of his gaze, in the shivers of pleasure that undulated through her. There was fire in his touch, magic in his kiss, that it could make her feel so changed. With a low groan, he took a step back, the twin talons of hunger and desire clawing their way to life. Taking her hand, he started walking toward the maze. A sense of dread filled Rhianna's heart as they reached the entrance. With a wordless cry, she tugged on his hand. " he asked. " She shook her head.

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