A Ferocious Opening Repertoire by Cyrus Lakdawala

By Cyrus Lakdawala

Bored with taking part in the usual openings? uninterested in stuffy establishing thought? This booklet presents a welcome antidote! Former American Open Champion Cyrus Lakdawala offers more than a few vicious guns for White in a repertoire that is excellent in case you have little time for examine, yet take pleasure in taking competitors out in their convenience zones and inflicting them difficulties from the very starting. The repertoire's spine is equipped through the competitive Veresov establishing (1 d4, 2 Nc3 and three Bg5) and this weapon is followed by means of both adversarial innovations opposed to different Black attempts equivalent to the French, Caro-Kann, Dutch, Benoni, Pirc and Philidor. those guns are perfect offerings if you experience forcing rivals into chaotic, uncomfortable positions. *Opening guns to surprise and confound competitors *Covers all of Black's major defences *Includes online game summaries with key issues to recollect

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H616 ttJxd4! hd4+ 17@hl The subsequent tactical interchange is in White's favour: 17... ± gS19 l"1f2 hf2 20 ttJxf2 l"1f8 21 ~d3! ~fS 20 ~bS ttJxbS 21 ttJxbS or 19 ... ~e6 20 ~c4 @h8 21 he6 l"1xe6 22 ttJe4 leave White with the initiative. 5. 13 ... ~d714 0-0 ~b615 ~el Whenever Black decides to win the d6-pawn by ... ~b6, we should aim to transfer our queen to h4. We have seen in key line 1 the manoeuvre ~a4. Here we shall consider 49 Part 2 another route for the queen. IS ... CDc6 16 'lWh4 CDceS 17 CDxeS CDxeS 18 CDe4 We see White's strategy in its purest form - the aim is to conquer the dark squares.

17.. )ilb5 18 ~d3 This way of meeting ... ctJ bS would have been impossible without the inclusion of 15 a4 and 16 17 l:'lxa4 now Black has not 18 ... c4. By the way, I'm not too sure the text is the best move. 18 ctJe2!? might be stronger, to avoid the simplification I mention after the next diagram. Anyway, Black has to prove first that he is OK in my main line, before starting to worry about this one. 18 ••• tLlb6 19 ga2 19 l:'la1!? is also worth consideration. 19 ... c4 Or 19 ... ~d7 20 @g2 ctJd4 21 ~d1 fS 22 gxf6 hf6 23 hS;l;.

F8 17 igS ~b6. 1S••• ixeS IS ... ct:JxeS does not look good. :b8 20 ct:Jc7 ~xd6 21 ct:Je8±. ixf4 Or 16 ... :f8 (17 ... eS? g. :xfl ct:JeS 22 ~f4 ~e8 23 ct:Je4. By the text Black wins tempi for development and a strong outpost on d4 for the knight. However, the structural defects on the kingside make his defence difficult as the dark-squares are gaping holes. 17 gxf4 eS 18 gf2 lDd4 19 ~a4 14••• lDbc6 Black can win the d6-pawn by 14 ... ct:Jxf3+ 15 bf3 id4+ (IS ... ct:Jc6 16 bc6 bxc617 ct:Je4±) 16 hl ~xd6, but the lack of his dark-squared bishop should cost him dearly: 17 62 5 f4 cS 6 dS 0-0 7 lLlf3 e6 8 ie2 exdS 9 cxdS l%e8 Suddenly the d6-pawn becomes the focus of the battle.

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