A Vampire Christmas Carol by Sarah Gray

By Sarah Gray

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HER merely choice IS DEATHSue Quentin has reached the top of her rope-she's determined, and there is just one manner out. Her plan does not comprise falling for Tony, the mysterious hit guy she hires. He listens whilst she speaks and one way or the other convinces her that perhaps her difficulties will not be completely insurmountable. He even thinks her little potbelly is horny.

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She gazed over her shoulder to him. ” “But . . ” She exhaled. ” “Never bitten him? Then how . ” He let his sentence drift into silence, sensing she needed a moment before telling the tale. “No one knows but me, and I cannot even tell you how I know, but . . the vampires have, for years, been trying to make him one of their own,” she said softly, gazing into the fire. “Why, I do not know, but they have . . swayed him. He was once a good-hearted man. ” Ginsby asked, unable to contain himself, for he had never heard such a tale.

Just a peek, my darling,” Griselda begged from ruby lips. “I have business to attend to,” Wahltraud argued, but even as he spoke, he slowed his pace so that she might catch a glimpse of his wife’s protégé through the streaky window as they passed the shop. “He should not see us watching him,” he warned. Griselda plucked a slender, pale hand from her rabbit-fur muff to stroke Wahltraud’s cheek. “He will not see us because he is like all humans,” she murmured. “He does not see what he does not wish to see.

But the mysterious gentleman would not agree to return, not even in half an hour’s time, giving Scrooge the opportunity to say a proper farewell to his dying partner. It was a take-or-leave proposal; the stranger had no time to dally. And so, in honor of Marley’s last breath, Scrooge did what Marley would have done. He removed his coat and hat and escorted the man to his private office where, in no more than an hour’s time, a fine contract was signed and sealed. In that hour of business, Marley did pass, or so was relayed to Scrooge by one of his clerks.

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