Abortion (Global Viewpoints) by Noah Berlatsky

By Noah Berlatsky

Each one anthology within the new international Viewpoints sequence (which doesn't reproduction any fabric within the Opposing Viewpoints sequence) promises modern views at the featured factor -- with the vast majority of the fabric reflecting stances of nations except the U.S.. fundamental resources, together with speeches and govt records, subscribe to essays from overseas magazines and information assets for a really panoramic view. necessary good points comprise an annotated desk of contents, an international map and nation index, a bibliography and an issue index.

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Abortion and Moral Decision-Making Church teachings on moral decision-making and abortion are complex. In Catholic theology there is room for the acceptance of policies that favor access to the full range of reproductive health options, including contraception and abortion. At the heart of church teachings on moral matters is a deep regard for an individual’s conscience. ” Casual disagreement is not sufficient grounds for ignoring moral teachings. Catholics are obliged to know and consider thoughtfully Catholic teaching.

30 Abortion and Religion Opposition on the part of the Jo៮ do៮ Shinshu៮ and others, however, has not taken a political form, and Japanese Buddhists have not campaigned to change the law on abortion or sought to influence the practice of the medical profession. Japan has not seen the kinds of attacks on abortion clinics and their personnel that have taken place in the USA. This approach is in line with the nonjudgmental stance Buddhism traditionally adopts on moral issues. It recognizes that the pressures and complexities of daily life can cloud the judgment and lead people to make wrong choices.

The soul in the womb is not a new soul. Rather it contemplates its previous births. Thus, the hiatus in the womb is not seen in nearly as positive a light as it is in Western thought. It is painful, torturous, and repulsive; the evil result of attachment to physical existence displayed in one’s past lives. In the Hindu context, the purpose of life as a human being is to make progress toward liberation from rebirth. The most important thing for each soul is the unfolding of its karmic destiny toward this goal.

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