Acoustics of Wood (Springer Series in Wood Science) by Voichita Bucur

By Voichita Bucur

I've got chanced on this an outstanding e-book for realizing a few facets of wooden utilized in musical tool making. It confirms some of the conclusions reached from useful adventure. I simply want there has been a bit extra that was once appropriate to device making.

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Timbre-related effects, recorded on the spectrum of sound levels in three concert halls (Amsterdam, Boston, and Vienna), were largely commented on by Bradley (1991). 6. 7 presents the complex structure of the module of a coffered ceiling. Maximum absorption was obtained at 200 Hz. This maximum is probably due to the mass of the plates and the stiffness of the air cushions; on the other hand, it might be due to the resonance frequencies of the wooden elements. This type of wooden structure shows the “favorable influence on acoustics of wooden paneling, wooden stages and vibrating wooden floors.

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