Additive Manufacturing. 3D Printing for Prototyping and by Andreas Gebhardt, Jan-Steffen Heotter

By Andreas Gebhardt, Jan-Steffen Heotter

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Other benefits are in added functions, such as the definition of units of length, compatibility with FE applications, limiting the number of possible prints, information about the space orientation, and password encryption. With the development of the AMF format, the major disadvantages of the STL format were eliminated, but it is still based on triangles. The amount of data has been reduced through new compression algorithms, but the fundamental disadvantages of the STL formulation are still there.

A part made from paper, wax, starch powder, or gypsum definitely can be a product. 5 Diversity of Terms Today, additive manufacturing and 3D printing are regarded as generic terms for layer technologies. Besides this, many other terms are in use. They change with time, and even their meaning sometimes changes with time. With the first introduction of additive manufactured parts and processes in the late 1980s, the generic name was rapid prototyping. At that time the term rapid prototyping was correct.

1 mm, such defects have a negative effect. Description errors make the production process difficult or in some cases impossible. When the surface is oriented incorrectly, the normal vector points to the inside of the model. In general, the human eye can assign such surfaces correctly, but for generating machine data these results are problematic. 13). When the machine-specific layer information is generated, all gaps have to be closed. This process is called the repair of the data set. Normally, special modules of front-end software do this automatically.

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