Albert Einstein: A biographical portrait by Anton Reiser, Rudolf Kayser, Albert Einstein

By Anton Reiser, Rudolf Kayser, Albert Einstein

Booklet by means of Reiser, Anton, Kayser, Rudolf

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A straightforward, idealistic nature devoted with religious ardor to socialism and at the same time a level-headed scientist-he was a miracle in a brutal world. What must have happened, to cause this sensitive person, who had never harmed a living creature, to fire the fatal bullet at the Austrian minister, Stürgkh in 1915! Albert Einstein obtained his professorship in 1909. For the second time in his life he established his residence in Zurich. He was not yet thirty when he started his duties as lecturer.

Albert worked with about twelve other engineers, with whom he got on very well. All of them respected their very original Director. He taught them to think sharply and logically, and to select every word in its most exact sense. AIbert’s work, though it was not too trying, SELF- SUPPORT 66 67 ALBERT EINSTEIN SELF- SUPPORT was still a strain. He was not used to sitting eight him to live simply, with a certain degree of comfort, though his top-floor apartment in Kirchenfeld could hardly be called cozy in a storm.

He was oppressed by all these things as well as by the fact that his position and all that went with it never allowed him the peace necessary for his own work. Thus he thought often, and with longing, of Bern, of his quiet occupation at the Patent-office, of the many free hours he had spent 80 ALBERT EINSTEIN there in the pursuit of his researches, of this entire peaceful, simple life without excitement. And more and more he felt that only a contemplative existence should be his-a life away from activity, from people-a quiet, meditative life, such as artists are accustomed to live.

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