Alcohol (Junior Drug Awareness) by Terri Peterson Smith

By Terri Peterson Smith

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Here, members of the union pack into a bar in 1947 to protest alcohol consumption while the customers remain unresponsive. PROHIBITION Temperance groups wanted to ban alcohol completely. That idea gained a lot of support. In 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution, also known as the Volstead Act, went into effect. The law was called Prohibition, and it prohibited, or banned, the making, transportation, and sale of any kind of alcohol in the United States. Prohibition lasted 13 years, from 1920 to 1933.

Nerves are like tiny roads where messages of touch and feeling travel between all the parts AS THE BAC RISES The effects of alcohol differ with each person—the person’s size, whether the person is male or female, how much he or she has eaten, tolerance for alcohol—but the following is more or less what happens at each BAC level. 15), alcohol produces: • • • • slurred speech drowsiness changes in emotions and judgment greater reduction in balance, vision, reaction time, and hearing how alcohol Works in the body of the body and the brain.

Scientists once thought that a person’s brain was finished forming at the time he or she was born. Experts now know that important brain development takes places during the teen years. The frontal lobe (one of the largest parts of the brain) and many nerve pathways and connections continue to develop until the age of 16. The rest of the brain continues to develop for another four years. For anyone who strives to be a good student, a successful athlete, or just plain healthy, drinking alcohol can seriously weaken this important time of development.

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