Allergies (21st Century Health and Wellness) by Edward Edelson

By Edward Edelson

Bronchial asthma to grass, pollen, drugs, and customary loved ones items arc common yet may be simply taken care of.

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In general, their approach is the same. They believe that a large number of substances—foods and chemicals in our environment—can trigger subtle allergic reactions. These reactions are said to cause a long list of vague complaints that include depression, fatigue, minor aches and pain, headaches, general malaise, and other, often mysterious illnesses. Generally, these practitioners make a diagnosis by performing their own kind of challenge test. In one such test, a food extract is injected under the skin.

They go through life complaining about a succession of colds that seem to plague them for no reason. The symptoms of a cold and of allergic rhinitis—hay fever—are almost identical: sneezing, stuffiness, a running nose, itching throat, weepy eyes. Allergy should be suspected when the symptoms do not go away, when they recur regularly (during the summer pollen season, for example), or when there are other symptoms of allergy: skin rashes, stomach and bowel problems such as persistent indigestion and abdominal pain, or breathing problems such as wheezing and shortness of breath.

Routine childhood vaccination for measles, mumps, and German measles, administered in the first few years of life, can be dangerous because the vaccines are made from viruses grown in eggs. By 1977, worldwide vaccinations had virtually wiped out smallpox, and the vaccinations for this disease were therefore discontinued. Before this, some allergic people could not travel to countries where a smallpox vaccination was required because that vaccine was made in eggs. Similarly, an allergy to wheat can rule out a whole range of products—obvious ones such as breads and cakes and less obvious ones such as malted milk, hot dogs, even canned soups and noodles, which may have wheat as an ingredient.

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