Amazon Fish Parasites Volume 1 Second Edition (Aquatic by Vernon E. Thatcher

By Vernon E. Thatcher

For a few years, scholars from a number of nations have complained concerning the loss of "tools" to spot aquatic invertebrates from Latin the US. Keys present in permitted textbooks are generally constrained, superficial or too popular-science. nonetheless, extra complex keys in educational books on aquatic invertebrates fail to hide Neotropical representatives in due aspect. The few that do, even if, additionally exhibit too many defects in scope and presentation to be thought of up to date. a global crew of editors mixed their efforts with Pensoft Publishers to release a brand new significant sequence at the aquatic biodiversity of Latin the USA. approximately 15 monographs, written via scientists from a number of nations, will provide a brand new, unrivalled view of the marvellous aquatic global of South the United States! The sequence is addressed to zoologists, ecologists, hydrobiologists, biogeographers, conservationists and scholars attracted to aquatic biodiversity. The sequence can be an drawing close instrument for any organic library. quantity 1 - This ebook covers the next Phyla and sessions: Protozoa (Myxozoa, Sporozoa), Plathelminthes (Trematoda, Monogenoidea, Cestoda), Nematoda, Acanthocephala, Crustacea (Copepoda, Branchiura, Isopoda), Hirudinea and Pentastomida which are recognized to parasitize Amazonian fishes. The textual content is in English and the identity keys to households and genera are in either English and Spanish. as well as the keys and checklists, every one bankruptcy supplies details at the morphology, existence cycles, pathology, prevention, remedy, assortment approach, in addition to common reference info on each one taxon. An alphabetic desk of host fishes with their respective parasites is equipped. The publication will end up to be worthy for parasitologists, ichthyologists, aquaculturists, pisciulturists and all these drawn to Neotropical fish parasites.

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Biol. 38(2): 461-468. L. (1999): Parasites of North American freshwater fishes. Second Edition. – Cornell Univ. Press: 539 pp. P. (1910): Trypanosoma chagasi n. sp. parasito de Plecostomus punctatus. - Brasil Médico 24(28): 273. P. & A. MACHADO (1911): Estudos citológicos sôbre o “Trypanosoma chagasi” n. sp. encontrado em peixes do gênero Plecostomus. - Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz 3(2): 344-366. ABLA Vol. L. L. HOFFMAN (1984): Two new species of Myxozoa, Myxobolus inaequus sp. n. and Henneguya theca sp.

Checklist of Ciliophora from Neotropical freshwater fishes Measurements are given in micrometers (µm). Phylum Ciliophora. Unicellular animals possessing cilia or structures composed of cilia in some stage of the life-cycle. Basal granules for coordinating ciliary motion also present. Cystostome (mouth), macronucleus and micronucleus usually present. Reproduction by binary fission and conjugation. Free-living and parasitic. Balantidium CLAPARÈDE & LACHMAN, 1858. Trophozoite oval or elliptical. Cytostome near anterior extremity; cytopharynx not well developed.

38 Eyes absent; prostatic reservoirs very long, often looping posteriorly; annulations on body present; seminal vesicle with thick walls, very long, extending from level of base of MCO to initial portion of germarium ..................................... Vancleaveus Ventral anchor with point, shaft, roots well defined; ventral bar slightly V-shaped, without any posterior median projection ............................................... Diaphorocleidus Ventral anchor robust, with elongate superficial and deep roots; ventral bar rodshaped, with posterior median projection .............................................................

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