Ancient evil by J H Brennan

By J H Brennan

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They had not followed him into the valley below and at the time he had wondered why. But he had soon found out: the valley was an accursed place, timelocked and strange, where weird creatures roamed in search of prey and the undead walked in the fortress of his father. Fire*Wolf stood at the head of the valley, thinking of his father. The sorcerous Lord Xandine, then holder of the title Fire*Wolf himself now bore, remained a mystery to him. Throughout his childhood and his young manhood, he had never known his father; and when, at last, fate brought them face to face, it was for a brief time only.

But one leather-bound tome held his attention, a volume on Power Meditation. The exercise contained therein was purely mental, an imaginary construction which formed a channel to the astral plane and drew therefrom no fewer than 100 points of POWER. The operation required solitude and could never take his POWER total beyond 100 however often it was performed. Nonetheless, it was a useful piece of knowledge. Which Fire*Wolf may use, provided he is alone, at any time henceforth in his adventure. But for the moment, he should return to his plan and seek another destination.

170 As Fire*Wolf touched the door again, another blue flash blinded him. And robbed him of another 10 LIFE POINTS. The door remains tight shut. Should he try again at 158? Or return to 196 to review the options there? 171 The room - what remained of it - had been converted into sleeping quarters for the intruders. There were several straw-filled pallets and a number of chests. 172-173 Since no one else was present, Fire*Wolf took the opportunity of searching through the chests, but found nothing other than old clothing.

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