Applied process design for chemical and petrochemical plants by Ernest E. Ludwig (Eds.)

By Ernest E. Ludwig (Eds.)

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Even so, in light of the AIChE study discussed below, some of these empirical methods can be off by 1540%. Comparisons indicate these deviations are usually on the safe or low side. The relation of Drickamer and Bradford [16] of Figure 8-29 has been found to agree quite well for hydrocarbon, chlorinated hydrocarbons, glycols, glycerine and related compounds, and some rich hydrocarbon absorbers and strippers. The relation of O’Connell [49](Figure 8-29) has generally also given good results for the same systems but generally the values are high.

Kister [94] proposes: 1,2,3,4, . . are components in a multicomponent mixture a112 = relative volatility of component 1 with respect to component 2 "312 = relative volatility of component 3 with respect to component 2. (8-42) a can vary with temperature, so some average a should be used between top and bottom temperature. 0 and (8-44) Plk/hk = alk/hk Example 84: Determine Minimum Number of Trays by Winn's Method (used by permission 1991) The minimum number of trays necessary to debutanize the effluent from an alkylation reactor will be calculated.

This work provides important contributions to understanding and setting operating pressures. Total Condenser In a total condenser all of the overhead vapor is condensed to the liquid state. When the heat load or duty on the condenser is exactly equal to the latent heat of the saturated or dew point of the overhead vapor from the distillation column, the condensed liquid will be a saturated bubble point liquid. 86 MPa) * T,, > Bottoms decomposition or critical temperature Lower pressure PD appropriately Figure 8-12.

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