Applied Research of Quantum Information Based on Linear by Xiaoye Xu

By Xiaoye Xu

This thesis reviews on awesome paintings in major subfields of quantum details technology: one comprises the quantum dimension challenge, and the opposite matters quantum simulation. The thesis proposes utilizing a polarization-based displaced Sagnac-type interferometer to accomplish partial cave in size and its reversal, and provides the 1st experimental verification of the nonlocality of the partial cave in dimension and its reversal. all the experiments are conducted within the linear optical process, one of many earliest experimental structures to hire quantum communique and quantum info processing. The thesis argues that quantum dimension can yield quantum entanglement restoration, that is proven by utilizing the frequency freedom to simulate the surroundings. in line with the vulnerable size conception, the writer proposes that white mild can be utilized to exactly estimate section, and successfully demonstrates that the imaginary a part of the susceptible price should be brought by way of vulnerable dimension evolution. finally, a nine-order polarization-based displaced Sagnac-type interferometer utilizing bulk optics is built to accomplish quantum simulation of the Landau-Zener evolution, and through tuning the method Hamiltonian, the 1st test to investigate the Kibble-Zurek mechanism in non-equilibrium kinetics techniques is performed within the linear optical system.

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Strict results of ring center position and radius in specific SPDC process can be given according to strict phase matching conditions, while to get the ring width is complex. 2 35 Asymmetric Broadening the Angle Distribution Intrinsic width is defined as the ring width of emergence angle determined by the intrinsic bandwidth of parametric light when pumping a nonlinear crystal with finite length by using monochromatic plane wave, while that determined by filters is defined as the natural width.

As a research emphasis of this thesis, three topics about the quantum measurement: measurement-induced entanglement recovery, experimental verification of the nonlocality effects in partial-collapse measurement, and realization of precise phase estimate by using weak measurement technology, will be described in detail in the subsequent chapters. Here, let us take single qubit for example to introduce the simplest quantum measurement model. A complete quantum measurement is usually divided into two steps: the first step corresponds to entanglement of information carrier state of the quantum system and the indication state of the measurement instrument, forming a new complex combination; the second step is the decoherence of complex state of the combination in a uncontrollable macro environment.

A two-level quantum system is required; at the same time the system can be well-isolated from the environment but not lose its controls (Divincenzo and Loss 1998). For a practical quantum computation, a scalable quantum system shall be needed. Linear optics is such a suitable quantum system meeting such requirements and has already played an important role in quantum information and quantum computation (Kok et al. 2007; Myers and Laflamme 2005; O’Brien 2007; O’Brien et al. 2009). Any freedom degree of a single photon can be used as qubit, such as polarization, time-bin, path and orbital angular momentum, etc (Rossi et al.

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