Are You Being Bullied?. How to Deal with Taunting, Teasing, by Kathleen Winkler

By Kathleen Winkler

Teasing, name-calling, exhibiting and hitting, aside from humans and spreading rumors approximately them are all examples of bullying and occurs to hundreds of thousands of youth on a daily basis. Advances in social media, e-mail, speedy messaging, and mobile phones, have moved bullying from a schoolyard worry to a continuing danger. learn the way individuals are operating jointly to place an finish to bullying and cyberbullying and make the realm more secure.

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3 Rachel Simmons does not see the clique in terms of such clear-cut roles, but rather sees it as a group of girls building alliances. 4 Why do girls join such a group? Because, Simmons says, it gives them a chance to belong, even for a short while, to a clique. Being able to turn other girls against a target makes them more popular. 5 The result of relational aggression is that school becomes a “minefield” in which girls must constantly keep track of which girl is on which side and negotiate their own places, Simmons writes.

Nothing like that started up again. My grades went up and things got a lot better in general. The desire to fight and bully went away with maturity—in ninth grade I was at the bottom of the chain again. I didn’t have anyone to bully and I was growing out of it anyway. My high school years were really happy. Chandra finds it hard to give advice to kids who might be going through the same thing she did because some things that happened to her seem contradictory. But she is willing to say: It’s hard to know what to do—I was an outspoken kid and I still got trampled on.

Chandra also knows what it is like to bully. In eighth grade, when she was “top of the heap,” she turned into a bully herself, targeting others. She found that being a bully did not make her feel any happier than being the victim. Chandra was being bullied and bullying at school. It started in early grade school when Chandra became the student everyone else in the class liked to pick on. In many cases a child is bullied because he or she is shy and will not talk back. That does not seem to be the case with Chandra.

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