Ask Lily (Young Women of Faith: Lily Series, Book 5) by Nancy Rue

By Nancy Rue

At last---Lily's in heart college and it does not take lengthy for her to get correct into the thick of items. She joins the varsity newspaper employees and turns into the nameless author of the 'Answer woman' suggestion column. it is all in enjoyable at first---Lily supplies witty solutions to such questions as 'What do I do a few puppy that retains consuming my homework?' Then Lily will get a extra critical question and truly offers necessary recommendation, and it isn't lengthy prior to observe will get round that the mysterious 'Answer lady' can clear up ANY challenge. sooner than lengthy Lily thinks she's Dr. Know-it-all---reading each sidewalk psychology and self-help ebook she will lay fingers on, and gazing afternoon speak exhibits. yet issues speedy cross bitter whilst Lily steps outdoor her limitations. After her 'expert' recommendation approximately bills her a detailed buddy, Lily realizes there is not constantly a simple solution, quite in these grey parts. yet once more, Lily learns that God is the true solution giver.

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Suzy said behind her. ” Lily said. “Oh,” Suzy said. Her almost-not-there dark eyebrows came together in a sad frown. ” “Write me a Lily-Gram,” Lily said. By now she was backing down the hall, drawing jeers from several eighth graders she plowed into. ” Suzy said. But she was suddenly swallowed up in the crowd. I can tell her later, Lily thought, and she made tracks to D – 208. The room was still empty when she got there except for one boy who was sitting on Mr. Miniver’s desk, swinging his legs.

She snatched what she needed from the locker and walked as fast as she dared past the teacher on hall duty to get to Mrs. Reinhold’s classroom. She was going to set up a time to get together with Suzy. It was going to be more important than anything else . . until she got there. Reni was already hanging at the doorway, and Lily could almost see her blowing steam out of her nose like an angry bull. ” she said, brown eyes blazing. ” “Um, yeah,” Lily said. 44 C r pt h a “ Wee h a v e to do something about that!

Yeah, that felt better. ” Lily said. “You’re so mature,” Suzy said. Her little brows pulled together, and for a mini-second, Lily thought of Doug’s big, furry ones. ” “You’re in honors classes,” Zooey said. “You have to be smart for that. ” She lifted the hem of her sweater and rolled the waistband of her pants to make it smaller. Kresha patted Zooey’s tummy. ” she said. “That’ll be the day,” Zooey said. The bell rang, and once more Lily was saved . . until second period when the daily bulletin was read over the intercom.

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