Assault Climbers Handbook (mountaineering) by US Marine Corps

By US Marine Corps

As in any army operation requiring unique talents, reminiscent of mountain climbing, a few designated apparatus and coaching specific to the undertaking has to be lined. The Marine Corps has followed this education for this very cause. This education allows Marines at the tying of knots, rope platforms, mountaineering / descending vertical and close to vertical landscapes - all whereas in a strive against surroundings.

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Made from a heat-dissipating aluminum alloy so device is cool to touch after a fast running rope has passed through it. (User and rope friendly). Care must be taken not to bang or throw these devices onto any hard surface or damage may occur. (5 Min) RACKING EQUIPMENT a. Protection, quick draws and other equipment should be organized on the climbing harness. e. a web runner gets caught on the climbers foot, or on rocks and vegetation as he approaches the cliff face. The gear should be easily accessible for either hand, and the climber should know where it is on the harness.

QUESTIONS FROM THE CLASS 2. QUESTIONS TO THE CLASS Q. What are the two types of rope coils and in what situation is each used? A. (1) Mountain Coil - used in movement from point to point when frequent use of the rope is anticipated. 2 )Butterfly Coil - used when you have to carry the rope and require maximum freedom of movement of your arms. SUMMARY (2 Min) a. During this period of instruction we have discussed the various considerations of rope management, including the mountaineering knots that you will be using.

I. , towing vehicles. j. The ends of a new rope or ends caused by a cut should be cut with the rope cutter contained in the MACK and marked with a serial number. ROPE CUTTER k. The rope should never be subjected to high heat or flame as this can significantly weaken it. l. To clean rope use mild soap and rinse thoroughly with water. A rope washer can be used to clean or rinse the rope. ROPE WASHER m. When not in use, ropes should be coiled and hung on wooden pegs rather than on nails or any other metal object.

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