Astrology and Divination (Mysteries, Legends, and by Robert Michael Place

By Robert Michael Place

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20 the Tibetans, and the Greeks all learned the art from the Indians. Palmistry is also associated with Gypsies, who originated in India, and, at one time, it was thought that they brought the art to Western Europe. There is evidence, though, that palmistry was already taught in the West in the Middle Ages and Gypsies arrived later in the fifteenth century. Here is a brief outline of how palmistry is done. The first thing a palmist looks at is the shape of the hand, to see if it is square or long and if the fingers are longer than the palm or the other way around.

Four: The completion of the physical world with its four directions, seasons, and elements, four is a worker, practical, trustworthy, helpful, steady, logical, and self-disciplined. • Five: The number of the spiritual essence beyond the physical four, five is a an agent for change, adaptable, intelligent, freedom-loving, romantic, resourceful, witty, curious, flexible, and accommodating. • Six: The result of two threes added together, six is the number of relationships, harmony, love, peace, and beauty.

Place) way while the questioner is awake and in control. This type of divination is called scrying. Unlike many other divination terms, scrying is not Greek in origin. It is a shortened form of the Old English word descry, which means to reveal or make out. Scrying is a means of obtaining a vision by looking into a transparent or shiny surface. The most common tool associated with scrying today is a crystal or glass ball, but those objects can be expensive and unnecessary. People have used all sorts of tools for scrying throughout history, from pools of water to shiny fingernails.

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