Atlas of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Anatomy, Second Edition by Mike Bradley

By Mike Bradley

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Insertion: anterior surface of coronoid process of ulna. Biceps  Origin: short head from tip of coracoid process, long head from supraglenoid tubercle.  Insertion: posterior part of radial tuberosity and the bicipital aponeurosis. Coracobrachialis  Origin: tip of coracoid process.  Insertion: mid medial humerus. 42 Arm Median nerve Medial Lateral Ulnar nerve Coracobrachialis muscle Brachial artery Latissimus dorsi muscle Musculocutaneous nerve Radial nerve Fig. 16. Surface anatomy of upper arm.

8. ) Dynamic assessment of supraspinatus can be useful in the further evaluation of impingement and cuff tears. Probe longitudinal over supraspinatus whilst abducting and adducting arm. This can be performed either from the front or back. Shoulder Trapezius Clavicle Posterior Anterior Supraspinatus Fig. 9. Surface and radiographic anatomy of supraspinatus muscle. TS, probe medial to AC joint. 35 Chapter 2: Upper limb Coracoacromial ligament Lateral Acromion process Deltoid muscle Medial Coracoid process Fig.

19 Chapter 1: Chest and neck Trapezius Spinous process Rhomboid major Lamina Medial Lateral Rib Erector spinae Fig. 18. Surface and radiographic anatomy of the mid posterior chest wall. TS, posterior chest wall, probe on spinous process. 20 Chest wall Serratus anterior Internal and external intercostal muscles Latissimus dorsi Superior Inferior Pleura Rib Fig. 19. Surface and radiographic anatomy of the intercostal muscles. LS, postero-lateral chest wall. 21 Chapter 1: Chest and neck Axilla This pyramidal space contains important neurovascular structures (axillary vessels and the cords of the brachial plexus), and lymph nodes.

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