Battleground Europe D-Day to Germany by Warlord Games

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Take the struggle to the enemy with this new theatre booklet for Bolt motion. From the D-Day landings to the ultimate conflict for Berlin, this quantity supplies gamers every little thing they should concentration their gaming on those ultimate campaigns within the eu Theatre of Operations. situations and designated principles provide whatever for all Bolt motion gamers, whatever the armies they gather.

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To keep this from happening, a joint operation between the US, Britain and France called ‘Jedburgh’ was formed. The mission was to parachute small teams of specially trained commandos behind enemy lines. These teams would assist the guerrilla fighters by training them and arranging supply drops. The radios they carried provided a crucial link between the guerrilla resistance and the Allies. It was a dangerous mission, made all the more hazardous by the fact that they fought in uniform as opposed to sneaking in disguise.

SAINTE-MÈRE-ÉGLISE This French town was pivotal to the invading forces; it was right between Cherbourg and Caen and its capture would help the Allies put more men and equipment where it was needed further inland. The US 82nd Airborne was tasked with its capture. In the confusion that typified the airborne landings in the early morning hours of D-Day, several paratroopers landed directly on top of the village, rather than just outside of it. Unfortunately for them, a farmhouse had caught fire and the flames illuminated the night sky, making the descending paratroopers easy targets for the alerted Germans.

D-DAY TO BERLIN This Theatre Book is a supplement to the tabletop wargame Bolt Action. It deals with the final phase of World War II in Western Europe. We will begin during the build-up to the Invasion of Normandy, and follow the combatants through to the crumbling of the Third Reich and German surrender. Our goal is to describe the context for games set within this phase of the war. What was it like to storm the beaches of Normandy? How formidable was the bocage country? What was it like to fight in the snowy woods of the Ardennes?

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