Beating the Sicilian 3 by John Nunn

By John Nunn

This 3rd variation is geared toward membership and match chess gamers and offers principles to beat Black's most recent counter-attacking ploys within the ever-changing Sicilian Defence.

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Now by accurate defence Black survives the irnrnediate cήsίs. 18 ... ~7 Elirninating the g5-bishop rnakes ίι easier Ιο flee with the king, should that prove necessary, and ultirnately the opposite-coloured bishops rnight provide a drawing rnechanisrn. ••f6 20 fxe5 dxe5 21 ~h5+

Although White usually obtains good attacking chances with this system he must ηοΙ neglect his development since Black can often break the position open by ... d5 and even ifthis loses a pawn White can find his own king stuck ίη the centre. Ιη other words, a balance must be struck between furthering Whi te' s own kingside ambitions and restraining Black ίη other sectors of the board. There are two major options for Black after 6 g4. h6, as covered ίη Games 5 and 6, or he may continue his own plans and allow the knight ιο be driven back Ιο d7.

Iνc7), and the other lines may be found ίη Game 9. Apart from these two major options, there is a third possibility for Black, namely Ιο counterattack by 6 ... e5. Scheveningen With this move Black 10ses a tempo, but he hopes Ιο prove that White's g4 has οηlΥ served Ιο weaken his kingside. This is covered ίη Game 7. Game5 - Bischoff Lugano 1986 Νυηη 1 e4 2 lbf3 3 d4 4 lbxd4 5 lbc3 6 g4 cS e6 cxd4 lM6 d6 h6(D) Variαtion 29 :gl and g5, dήving away the knight after all. 7 h4 a6!? Although this is a natural move, ίι οηlΥ became popular ίη the 1980s.

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