Bent Larsen: Master of Counter-Attack: Larsen's Games of by Bent Larsen

By Bent Larsen

This can be an autobiographical choice of video games from one of many nice chess opponents of the fashionable period. Bent Larsen is a Danish participant who has been within the most sensible echelons of worldwide chess for forty years.

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Q-Kts Q x Kt 18. QR-K1? An oversight or a desperate muddling attempt? I studied the position carefull~r, my nervousness was almost gone, I grabbed the exchange. 27. B-Kt6 R xP 28. Q-Q2 R-Q6 29. Q-R5 P-R8 An escape-square for the King; then the attack against KKt7 can begin. Precisely because of the opposite-coloured Bishops White can do very little about threats against the white squares. 80. Q x RP 81. Q-R7 R-Q7 18. B-R5 19. Q-RS B xR 20. R X B QR-Q1 21. P-B3 R-Q6 Intending 22. B-QB2, R x B with two Rooks plus Bishop against Queen.

P-K4!? Quite unusual! I normally played my dear Catalan, with 2. P-KKtB. But it is not advisable to depend too much on fixed habits, and O'Kelly had given me some problems in Gijon with a move that had been regarded as absolutely harmless. 2. P-QB P xP 4. Kt X p Kt-KBS 5. Kt-QB8 P-QRS That was what I expected. And if Gligoric had won this game, commentators would have written what good psychology it was to play one of my own favourite lines against me. B. P-Q4 6. B-K2 P-K4 7. Kt-KtB B-K2 8. 0-0 0-0 White plays a quiet variation.

Kt-B4; 48 LARSEN'S SELECTED GAMES 26. R-K5 , R-Kt4; 27. B-Rs, P-Kt3; 28. B X Kt, B X B; 29. KR-K7 or 25 ..... K-Bl; 26. , but not 26. , K x R; 27. B x P , K-Q3 with good drawing chances for Black. Instead of the text 24. Kt-B5 was possible, but after 24. . Kt-B3 or 24. . . Kt-B4 the advantage of Black's 21st move is seen: the threat to the white Queen's pawn wins a move and Black does fairly well. 24. . . R-QI 25. P-KR4 A useful move. See, for instance, the variation 25. ... Q X Q; 26.

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