Between Past and Future by Hannah Arendt

By Hannah Arendt

Arendt describes the lack of that means of the conventional key phrases of politics: justice, cause, accountability, advantage, glory. via a sequence of 8 routines, she exhibits how we will be able to redistill once again the very important essence of those suggestions.

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The historical movement began to be construed in the image of biological life. In terms of ancient philosophy, this could mean that the world of history had been reintegrated world of nature, the world of the mortals into the universe forever. But in terms of ancient poetry and historiography it into the that is meant that the earlier sense of the greatness of mortals, as distinguished from the undoubtedly higher greatness of the gods and nature, had been lost. In the beginning of Western history the distinction between the mortality of men and the immortality things and things which come of nature, between into being by man-made themselves, was the assumption of historiography.

Finally, when in the future soabolished realized and philosophy has been both ciety, what kind of thought will be left? able to act at all in a meaningful, authentic Marx's inconsistencies are well known and noted by almost Marx scholars. tween the They usually are scientific point of summarized all as discrepancies "be- view of the historian and the moral point of view of the prophet" (Edmund Wilson), between the historian seeing in the accumulation of capital "a material means for the increase of productive forces" (Marx) and the moralist who denounced those who performed "the historical task" (Marx) as exploiters sistencies are and dehumanizers of man.

But the Utopian ideal of a classless, stateless, and laborless society was born out of the marriage of two altogether non-utopian elements: the perception of certain trends in the present which could no longer be understood in the framework of the tional concepts and ideals tradition, and the tradi- by which Marx himself understood and integrated them. Marx's own attitude to the tradition of political thought was one of conscious rebellion. In a challenging and paradoxical mood he therefore framed certain key statements which, containing his political philosophy, underlie and transcend the strictly scientific part work (and as such curiously remained the same throughout his life, from the early writings to the last volume of Das Kapital).

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