Beyond Deep Blue: Chess in the Stratosphere by Monty Newborn

By Monty Newborn

Greater than a decade has handed due to the fact IBM’s Deep Blue machine shocked the area through defeating Garry Kasparov, the area chess champion at the moment. Beyond Deep Blue tells the continued tale of the chess engine and its regular development. The ebook presents research of the video games along an in depth exam of the extraordinary technological development made via the engines – asking which one is healthier, how sturdy is it, and what sort of higher can it get. positive factors: provides a complete of 118 video games, performed via 17 various chess engines, accumulated jointly for the 1st time in one reference; info the processor speeds, reminiscence sizes, and the variety of processors utilized by every one chess engine; contains video games from 10 international computing device Chess Championships, and 3 desktop chess tournaments of the web Chess membership; covers the man-machine fits among Fritz and Kramnik, and Kasparov and Deep Junior; describes 3 historic fits among top engines – Hydra vs. Shredder, Junior vs. Fritz, and Zappa vs. Rybka.

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Paderborn, Feb. 20–25, 2001 1 2 Brain Games Network Match, Apr. 21 – May 1, 2001 2 1 1st Int. , Leiden, May 18–20, 2001 1 18th World MCCC, Maastricht, Aug. 18–23, 2001 3 1 2 9 21st Dutch CCC, Leiden, Oct. 27–Nov. 4, 2001 3 11th Int. Paderborn, Feb. 27–Mar. 3, 2002 1 2 2nd Int. , Leiden, May 31–Jun. 2, 2002 3 1 The 10th WCCC was held July 6–11, 2002, on the Universiteit Maastricht campus. Jaap van den Herik, Editor of the ICGA Journal and professor at the university, 50 3 2002: Shredder Bows to Deep Junior at the 10th WCCC served as Tournament Director.

Log 2 The Dawn of the Post-Deep Blue Era ­ ith Deep Blue retired, the new monarch of the computer chess world was up for W grabs. In 1995 and leading up to the first Deep Blue versus Kasparov match, the 8th World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC) was held in Hong Kong. IBM planned to use this event to showcase the new Deep Blue and to establish formal recognition of its position at the top of the computer chess world. Deep Blue’s earlier version called Deep Thought had won the 6th WCCC in 1989 in Edmonton, winning all five of its games and dominating the competition.

On average, every year, the strongest engine’s rating increased by approximately 50 points. 5. This speedup would have yielded an increase in search depth of between two and three ply. In addition to speed, there was a significant increase in memory sizes by a factor paralleling the increase in processor speeds. The increase in memory sizes permitted the use of much larger hash tables. In addition, dual-processing systems and more generally, multiprocessing systems were becoming more common. The effective improvement from just the improving hardware probably added one or two additional plies to the search depth.

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