Biographical Encyclopaedia of Sufis ; Central Asia and by N. Hanif

By N. Hanif

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Once morc my "self' and vanished His grace was all in all. After the death or his father Ilnd mOlhefwhich the biographer leaves unda ted, only observing, in the spiri t of a true Sufi. thallhese even ts removed the obstacle of filial affection from his path- Abu Sa'id is said to have roamed for stven years in the deserts between Mayhana and Baward (A biward) and belween Me-rv and Sarakhs. He Ihen relur ned to Mayhana. By this time Shaikh Abu ' I-Fadl, to whom he had hit her to confided all his perplexities.

I carried twenty prayer-rugs into the chancel and laid them in two rows; there was no room for any more. Qadi Sa'id mounted the pulpit and delivered a hostile address; then he came down and performed the service of prayer. As soon as he pronounced the final salutation (salam), the Shaikh rose and departed, without waiting for the customary devotions (sllnna). Qadi Sa'id faced towards him, whereupon the Shaikh looked at him askance, The Qadi at once bowed his head. When the Shaikh and his disciples returned to the convent, he said: "Hasan!

The Shaikh took my hand and led me into the convent. I sat down in the portico and the Shaikh picked up a volunle and began to pause it. As is the way of scholars, [ could not help wondering what Ihe book was. The Shaikh perceived my thought. He said: "Abu Sa'id! all th e hund~d and twenty-four Ihousand prophets were senl 10 preach one w()(d. They bade the people say Af/alt and devote themselves to Hi m. Thos~ who heard this word Wilh Ihe ear alone, leI il go oul by th e other eat; bul those who heard it wilh Iheir souls imprinted il on th eir souls and ~pealed it unli l it penetrated thei r hearts and souls, and their whole being became this word.

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