Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustainis

By Justin Gustainis

Supernatural investigator Quincey Morris and his companion, white witch Libby Chastain, are referred to as in to aid loose a determined relatives from a dangerous curse that looks so far again to the Salem Witch Trials. To unlock the relations from hazard they have to locate the basis of the curse, a black witch with a bad grudge that holds the family members in her power.

The pursuit takes them to the mysterious underworlds of Boston, San Francisco, New Orleans and manhattan, stalking a prey that's decided to stick hidden. After surviving a chain of terrifying makes an attempt on their lives, the 2 locate themselves drawn inexorably in the direction of Salem itself ­ and the very middle of darkness.

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There were murmurs of assent from the crowd. "But for those of us who believe in the Lord Jesus, there is always hope in our hearts. " The applause that broke out would not have shamed a rock star. Winona Timberlake's spotlight winked out and was instantly replaced by another that shone on a man standing stage left. He was medium-sized, although the subtly padded shoulders of his handmade suit made him seem bigger. His curly black hair seemed to shine in the light from overhead and he was a case study in barely controlled energy as he strode to the center of the stage, which his wife had quietly vacated.

She held his gaze and shrugged. "Just a feeling. " A crooked smile. " Morris did not laugh. He had more respect for intuition than most. " She extended her right hand, palm down. It trembled slightly. Morris realized that this was the first time he had ever seen Libby's hands anything but rock steady. " A nod. " "You bet I do," she said. " They turned and slowly walked, side by side, into the LaRues' living room. CHAPTER 8 Everything went well, at first—so well that it lulled them. At nine different locations around the house—nine is three cubed, and hence a very powerful number in white magic— Libby Chastain was placing small objects made of straw, wood, and silver wire.

Van Dreenan made a head gesture toward the desktop. "We have both read the files, ja? And seen the photos. " Fenton didn't have to consult the files. " "Hard to say for sure. The people who discovered the crime scenes tended to walk all over them before the police got there. " "So, we have no symbolism, nothing burned, and the bare minimum of people necessary to do the deed. " Fenton shook his head in frustration. " For the first time since he'd started talking, Van Dreenan seemed to hesitate. '" Fenton asked.

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