Blast Off! by Lincoln Peirce

By Lincoln Peirce

For lovers of the hilarious Diary of a Wimpy child sequence, the following comes the 8th novel within the New York Times bestselling sequence gigantic Nate.


Nate has a weigh down on Ruby. yet after his scrap with Randy Betancourt makes headlines within the Weekly Bugle, he is acquired an issue approach worse than detention! Can Nate get better? and should the yearly dust Bowl be a blast . . . or a bust?

Meet tremendous NATE, P.S. 38's coolest doodler and positively now not the teacher's pet.

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As Olive headed for bed, she kicked out at a random tower of Mog’s trinkets in the hall. They scattered and shattered. Olive left them where they fell. indd Sec1:40 26/2/08 8:25:31 AM 6 Then Dumped The next morning at school, conversation was dominated by tales of the Christmas barbeque picnic. Mathilda told everyone how her family and Amelia Forster’s family had sat on rugs next to each other. The girls had snuggled in under a blanket while Mr Graham pointed out crosses and saucepans and pink planets in the sky.

Eww, grow-oss. ’ Mathilda and Amelia rolled their eyes and looked at once smug and stern. Olive blushed and dropped the wrapper. ‘Olive. ’ Amelia said this very loudly, in her primmest class-captain voice. She said it so loudly that Ms Stable-East, who was on duty, looked over and frowned. ‘Sorry, Ms Stable-East. I’ll pick it up,’ called Olive. ‘Sorry, Ms Stable-East. I’ll pick it up,’ mimicked Amelia and Mathilda in high-pitched, goody-two-shoes voices, and then laughed. Olive looked at them and squinted, confused.

Schoolgirls hunted in packs. Olive was so contagious she could almost see her own disease. At the back of the room, Mathilda–Till tipped her chair against the wall, balancing. She chortled loudly, playing up, showing off. She was performing for Amelia like a Sea World seal. At first Olive had thought that Mathilda–Till was pretending. She realised now that Mathilda had had all these interests stored up – iPods and Video Hits and boys and pores – and Olive hadn’t noticed. Conversations bubbled on around Olive.

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