Body Image (Issues That Concern You) by Heidi Williams

By Heidi Williams

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An estimated 255,000 adolescents in the United States are obese enough to be considered for surgery. How It Works At Cincinnati and most other pediatric hospitals, the operation of choice is the gastric bypass—a permanent procedure that reduces the stomach’s size by 90 percent and bypasses a portion of the intestinal tract. Patients eat less with their smaller stomachs. They absorb less with their abbreviated intestinal tract. “What you create is a tool by which portion control can be enforced,” Inge said at a medical meeting in October [2004].

54 Body Image NINE Weight-Loss Surgery Is a Good Option for Many Obese Adolescents Jeff Evans Family Practice News is an independent newspaper that informs family physicians about developments in medicine and news relevant to the medical profession. In this article senior writer Jeff Evans argues that morbidly obese older children and teens are good candidates for weightloss surgery. While it seems that young people may not be responsible enough to handle the restrictions imposed by such surgery, evidence suggests the opposite.

Taking the Risk She was approved and got a surgery date: Feb. 9, 2004. Ashley and her mother were excited. The path that Ashley followed to surgery was detailed . . July [2004] in the journal Pediatrics. Ashley’s surgeon, Dr. Thomas Inge, was the lead author on the report. The report described for the first time how hospitals should set up special centers to focus on childhood obesity with surgery as an option. Surgery would not be considered for girls younger than 13 and boys younger than 15.

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