Border Songs (Vintage Contemporaries) by Jim Lynch

By Jim Lynch

Set within the formerly sleepy hinterlands straddling Washington nation and British Columbia, Border Songs is the tale of Brandon Vanderkool, six foot 8, often tongue-tied, significantly dyslexic, and romantically inept. obsessed with bird-watching, Brandon has a troublesome time mustering enthusiasm for his new task as a Border Patrol agent guarding thirty miles of mostly invisible boundary. yet to everyone’s shock, he excels at catching illegals, and as drug runners, politicians, surveillance cameras, and a possible sweetheart flock to this scrap of land, Brandon is all at once on the heart of anything a lot larger than himself.  A extraordinary novel of birding, smuggling, farming and awesome love, Border Songs welcomes us to a altering group populated with probably the most memorable characters in fresh fiction. 

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And some cussing alongside it. Knowing the likely mouth behind the noise, he ignored it, but the garbled yelling continued. Unfortunately, Norm’s driveway was within range of Wayne’s deck. , he was still Norm’s closest neighbor, if you could call him one. Used to be nothing but well-spaced farmhouses on both sides of the line until some Canadians sold border-front properties and a mini-suburb popped up with a view of Norm’s dairy. Ignore him, he told himself, but instead he reluctantly shut off the water and rocked stiff-kneed to his side of the ditch like a man on stilts, squinting into the silvery glare and feeling at a sluggish disadvantage, having been up since three thirty on one cup of coffee.

She realized she didn’t even know if Fisher was his first or last name. Meanwhile, the window was so large and the living room so bright that she felt like a target. “When’d he call? ” Her father looked around wildly, started to rise, then fell back with a wince, rubbing the right side of his neck with blackened fingers. “What’d he want? What’d he say? ” Madeline said slowly, hoping she’d only have to say it once. She dimmed the lights and shut the blinds, trying to puff herself up to match his anger.

Still, one pediatrician suggested Brandon’s mannerisms and obsessive tendencies pointed toward mild autism, which meant he’d likely struggle with school, friendships and intimacy. Jeanette suggested the doctor was an idiot and demanded another. By second grade, it became alarmingly clear that Brandon couldn’t read, that he was guessing and thought everyone else was too. Norm remembered Jeanette writing a sentence: The boy made a bird out of clay and put a fish in its bill. ” Jeanette patiently tutored him on the sounds of letters and drilled him on the tricky in-between words—was, saw, is, as—he kept tripping over until she concluded that the harder he concentrated, the worse it got.

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