Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

By Anne Ursu

A gorgeous modern day fairy story from acclaimed writer Anne Ursu as soon as upon a time, Hazel and Jack have been top neighbors. yet that used to be earlier than he stopped speaking to her and disappeared right into a wooded area with a mysterious girl made up of ice. Now it really is as much as Hazel to move in after him. encouraged via Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen," Breadcrumbs is a narrative of the fight to carry on, and the issues we go away at the back of.

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Hazel sometimes wondered if her teacher came from that planet at the end of Wrinkle in Time where everyone has to be exactly the same, except Mrs. Jacobs would have been too happy there to ever leave. So, trying desperately not to disturb the universe, Hazel took her place in her usual desk, third row from the back, right next to the window where she liked it. And even though her desk was in a perfect row and a perfect column, like it should be, she knew if someone came into the classroom, some wizard or witch or psychic or somebody like that, he would gaze around the room with the certainty that something was out of place, something was an inch too far to the right, half an inch too far to the back, and his eyes would fall on her.

There was something about Jack, something subdued about his very appearance, as if he had dampened his own hue so as not to contrast with his mother’s too brightly. ” She nodded at Jack and faded off. “Let me get my stuff,” Jack muttered. ” There had been a time, not so long ago, when Jack had had a mom and Hazel had had a dad—that is, a real mom, the sort who did things besides sit in a beat-up easy chair and watch twenty-four-hour news networks and stare blankly at the world, and a real dad, the sort who lived with you or at least came to see you once in a while.

Ouch. Hazel yelped and whirled around. There, on the front step of the house next door was a brown-haired, freckled boy packing another snowball and smiling evilly. A grin broke out on Hazel’s face. ” she hollered, and bent down to gather some snow. “No you don’t,” said her mom, shooting a glance at the house next door. She reached over the threshold and placed her hand on Hazel’s back to guide her back into the house. “I’ll get you later,” Hazel called to Jack as she disappeared inside. ” Jack called back, cackling.

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