Build Up Your Chess With Artur Yusupov, Volume 2: Beyond the by Artur Yusupov

By Artur Yusupov

This ebook is for chess avid gamers who are looking to construct their abilities on sturdy foundations. Yusupov publications the reader in the direction of the next point of chess knowing utilizing conscientiously chosen positions and suggestion. This new realizing is then demonstrated via a chain of puzzles.

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It' s mate after 3 �h l "d5+ 4 �g l "d4+ 5 �h l "e4+ 6 �g l "e3+ 7 �hl "f3+ S �g l "12+ 9 �h l "xh2#. 1 66) Anastasian - Tlvlakov Batumi Echt 1999 1 "xh7+! �xh7 2 l:th3+ 1-0. White mates after 2 . h4 3 l:txh4#. 47 White missed the decoy 1 l:td8+! lDxdS 2 "d7+ � 3 "xd8#. 1 73) Plket - Gelfand Monaco Amber blindfold 2000 1 l:tf6+! �g8 2 l:tf7! lDds 3 l:tg7+ 1-0. It's mate af­ ter 3 ... �f8 4 lDg6# (or 4 lDd7#). 1 74) Nixon - Willmoth 1 67) Blolek - Neumann Czech League 1999/00 I lDg4+ �e4 2lDr2+ 1-0.

88) Lunev - Najer St Petersburg 2000 Black played 1 ... , after which the attack on the b2-pawn is too much for White. 1i'hI+! f3#. txf5! wins a piece. Notice that 1 cxb4? llXt4+. f6 traps the rook on e5 . txg6 hIg6 Black won comfortably. f5+) picks up the rook. 99) Gaprlndashvlll - Van der Marel Groningen 1999 White forces mate in two with 1 :16+

Vacating the g6-square for the queen. White mates after 1 . �xh6 2 ... g6# or 1 . xh6 2 1i'g8#. 3 :xh7#. lDxf4+! 0-1 . Black forces mate: 2 gxf4 "g2+ 3 �h4 "'g4# or 2 :xf4 1i'g2+ 3 �h4 "h2#. ':e3+ ! 0-1. After 2 lDxe3 the white knight . has been deflected and therefore Black can play 2 ... :e7#. Lohmar 1999/00 1.. g3+! 0-1. Black mates following 2 �gl "xg2#. 1 31 ) Kravchenko - Voroblov 1 22) Manca - Lacrosse 1 l:xh7+! 1-0. This move demolishes the black king's cover. White mates after 1 . �xh7 2 :h4+ �g7 3 �S#.

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