Burgers-KPZ Turbulence: Göttingen Lectures by Wojbor A. Woyczynski

By Wojbor A. Woyczynski

These lecture notes are woven round the topic of Burgers' turbulence/KPZ version of interface development, a examine of the nonlinear parabolic equation with random preliminary information. The research is carried out ordinarily within the space-time area, with much less realization paid to the frequency-domain photo. in spite of the fact that, the bibliography encompasses a extra whole information regarding different instructions within the box which during the last decade loved a full of life enlargement. The notes are addressed to a various viewers, together with mathematicians, statisticians, physicists, fluid dynamicists and engineers, and comprise either rigorous and heuristic arguments. due to the multidisciplinary viewers, the notes additionally comprise a concise exposition of a few classical themes in likelihood conception, akin to Brownian movement, Wiener polynomial chaos, etc.

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2. A traveling wave solution u(x, t) = W ( x - ct) of the Burgers equation (5): c = 2, u = 3,1,1/3, t = 0, W(~o) = W'(oo) = 0. As the viscosity u decreases the wave front becomes steeper. For the R i e m a n n equation (1), traveling w a v e solutions u ( x , t) = - ct) axe not very interesting. Indeed, a direct substitution gives W = 0. However, for the Burgers equation W(x ut + uu~ = , u x x (5) a direct substitution gives the equation -cWI + WW' = uW", which, after integration with W(oc) = 0, W'(oo) = 0, yields -cW + W2/2 : uW'.

Steep front in the velocity profile resulting from a change from one linear regime to another. Finally, let t increase. This makes the osculating parabolas flatter and the process can lead to skipping some points of tangency with U0 (see Fig. 5). large t Fig. 5. As time t increases, the osculating parabolas become flatter, and skip some points of double tangence, resulting in larger shock catching up and merging with the smaller shocks. Taking the time derivative of (3) (appr. P1 ~/:'2) we get t h a t 9~(x _ ~1)~ 2(1 - 91t) where tuting Z~(x _ ~)2 2(1 - 92t) -- const, represents position of the front.

XnER d, n=l,2,.... ;Xn, tn,) = E 1] V(Xk, tk), (2) k=l or even simpler, but physically interesting, two-point spatial correlations p(2)(xl, t; x2, t) taken for the same time instant t. Recall that E X stands for the mathematical expectation of the random quantity X. 2. WIENER-HERMITE EXPANSIONS 45 of the usual calculus power series expansions. It will be summarized in the next section using an approach borrowed from Kwapien and Woyczynski (1992). ). Denote by /CO the family of all real polynomial chaoses of degree d based on the sequence 71,72,....

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