Cam Jansen and the Mystery Writer Mystery by David A. Adler, Joy Allen

By David A. Adler, Joy Allen

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Warp Speed

Dr. Neal Anson Clemons, magnificent physicist and martial arts specialist, used to be born on the very second that males first landed at the moon, and his dream had continuously been to discover how to trip to the celebrities. And now he and his crew have completed a leap forward, either in construction a warp force, and discovering a brand new strength resource strong sufficient to make the force greater than a fascinating theoretical suggestion.

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Winter book she had not read. Now she had three books. She went to the end of the line to get her books signed. The line went down the middle of the gym. Beth, Danny, and Danny’s mother got on line right behind Cam. “This is a long line,” Danny said, “and I know just what to do so we don’t get bored waiting. ” “Please don’t,” Beth told him. “Danny,” Mrs. Pace said, “save the jokes for Dad. ” Danny opened a joke book. He read a joke and laughed. “Are you sure you don’t want me to tell you this one?

Shelton took out his wallet and showed something to Officer Oppen. Cam waved again to Eric. She signaled to him to come over. Eric hurried to the gym entrance. “You won’t believe what happened,” he told Cam. ’ We looked and looked, but it’s gone. ” Chapter Six “Two cars were stolen from the school lot,” Cam said. ” “Wait,” Eric said. “First listen to what the police officer told us. He said he would call in the license number and description of our car. The police will look for it. ” “Dad’s dry-cleaning—a few shirts and his good suit—is in the trunk.

Then she followed Danny and his parents to the lobby. “My car was stolen from the school parking lot,” Danny’s father told Dr. Prell. ” “That’s terrible,” Dr. Prell said. “I’ll wait here with you. ” “I’ll help, too,” Cam said. “Please,” the principal told Cam, “go back to the gym. ” “I agree with Dr. Prell,” Mrs. Jansen told Cam. ” Mrs. Jansen walked with Cam into the gym. Beth and her dad went, too. Cam and Beth took their books from the table near the entrance to the gym. “Let’s get back on line and have our books signed,” Beth said.

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