Carbon-based Solids and Materials by Pierre Delhaes(auth.)

By Pierre Delhaes(auth.)

Content material:
Chapter 1 A old assessment (pages 1–24):
Chapter 2 Polymorphism of Crystalline levels (pages 25–59):
Chapter three Non?Crystalline Carbons (pages 61–96):
Chapter four by-product Compounds and Analogs (pages 97–126):
Chapter five From fragrant Precursors to the Graphene aircraft (pages 127–167):
Chapter 6 basic Structural houses (pages 169–215):
Chapter 7 digital constructions and Magnetic homes (pages 217–264):
Chapter eight digital delivery homes (pages 265–319):
Chapter nine Optical houses and their functions (pages 321–367):
Chapter 10 Vibrational homes (pages 369–408):
Chapter eleven floor and Interface Phenomena (pages 409–459):
Chapter 12 Chemical Reactivity and floor therapy (pages 461–502):
Chapter thirteen Divided and Porous Carbons (pages 503–552):
Chapter 14 Carbon Filaments, Composites and Heterogenous Media (pages 553–590):
Chapter 15 Use of Carbon fabrics (pages 591–630):

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In the case of C60 there is sublimation above 700 K which has a high value of the standard enthalpy of sublimation (∆H = 181 kJ/mol) [PIA 95]. Under the influence of pressure this molecule is not stable: placed under high pressure (P = 15 GPa) around 1,500°C it transforms into diamond. By adjusting the variable P and T the Van der Waals intermolecular interactions become more reactive and lead to the formation of oligomers with mostly dimers and trimers [MAR 96]. 5 where, at atmospheric pressure, by following the temperature axis, we can find the phase diagram of molecular C60.

8 ~ 2D”) based on benzene cycles coordinated to one another [OKE 92] or another polymorph with an orthorhombic unit cell yielding channel-like structures [WIN 99]. 2) indicate that these phases have a modulus of rigidity comparable to cubic diamond with an excess of cohesive energy similar to the one calculated for carbyne phases [STA 87]. Such provisional results suggest that these phases could produce a phase where both a conducting property and extreme hardness could probably coexist in a metastable state.

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