Catalog of Chess Mistakes by Andrew Soltis

By Andrew Soltis

E-book through Soltis, Andrew

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A5 18 h5 �a6 1 9 rtet "iVb6 20 hxg6 fxg6 20 . . hxg6 was risky as it leaves Black defenceless along the h-file. 2 1 iLxe5 Removing the knight that might come to f7. 2 1 . dxe5 22 'iff3 rta7 23 �fl nn 24 �xa6 'ifxa6 By energetic play White has achieved a strategic advantage. 25 �g3 ? I felt that this was the first respite my opponent had allowed me. I was much more wary about the positional manoeuvre 2 3 lUd I ! intending lUe3-g4, and, if this plan were to be carried out then Black could j ust as well resign.

D6. i. eS :fc8 26 'i'e2 'i'b7 1 4 ... Itd7 75 3 6 �gS �g8 3 7 :0 White forces a further weakening of the black kingside. This is the only way to avoid mat­ ing threats without direct material l osses. White sealed his next move. 42 l::tcS l::te7 Black seeks salvation in a rook endgame, because 42 ... 11d7 43 l:tb5 � f7 44 l:tbS 'i'e7 4S 'i'hS would be hopeless for him. 43 J:t xdS 'i'c7 44 'i'xc7 l::t x c7 4S l haS J:tb7 46 J:ta3 It is important to keep the distant passed pawn on the board. 46..

The arrival of the queen on e5 is much less dangerous than the oc­ cupation of this square by the white knight. 25 . . �b6! Now White no longer has the perfect choice: he must either give up the pawn on b2 or renounce the important one on e5. 26 'ilYxe5 I f 26 b3 'Wc5. 26 . :�xb2 2 7 rtad l h6 Black hurries with his counter­ play. 2 7 . "�xc2?? doesn' t work because of 28 rte2, but it was possible to play 27 . . iLb4 28 rte3 'i'xc2. 28 rte3 �b4 Having earlier assessed the potential danger from the white knight, w ith correct timing Black now takes aim at it.

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