Chasing the High: A Firsthand Account of One Young Person's by Kyle Keegan

By Kyle Keegan

Kyle Keegan was once like many youngsters: desirous to slot in in class, he experimented with alcohol and medication. quickly, his abuse of those elements passed experimentation and have become a ruthless habit to heroin that almost destroyed his life.

Now in restoration, Keegan tells his extraordinary tale in Chasing the High. beginning with the early days of alcohol and drug use, Keegan charts his decline into crime and homelessness as his desire for heroin exceeded all concepts of friends and family, of correct and flawed. He then is going directly to use those studies to supply tips and sensible suggestion to different children who can be being affected by substance abuse. In easy, easy-to-understand language and in addition to the psychiatric services of Howard Moss, MD, Keegan discusses what's recognized concerning the neurobiology of dependancy in children, tips on how to search remedy, and the way to get the main out support. He additionally covers such themes as treatments that are used to wrestle dependancy, find out how to consult households and buddies approximately substance abuse, and the way to navigate dicy occasions. either an soaking up memoir and an invaluable source for younger people.

Part of the Adolescent psychological future health Initiative sequence of books written in particular for youths and teens, Chasing the High bargains wish to children who're suffering from substance abuse, assisting them to beat its demanding situations and to head directly to lead fit, effective lives.

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But I discarded those substances as soon as I was introduced to heroin. I had to make some changes to incorporate this new vice into my lifestyle. I started selling heroin to support my own use. I abandoned all my pastimes as well as any and all friends who opposed my using. My parents immediately saw that something extremely wrong was happening; I don’t think they realized the The Early Days of Using extent of my problem, though, and they certainly didn’t know what to do about it. It took only about three months for me to become totally addicted to heroin.

Kids may want to use the substance again because they enjoyed some aspect of the experience, but they do not yet experience a physical compulsion or urge to use. You can see this dynamic in my first experience with alcohol, marijuana, and heroin. I used all of these drugs voluntarily, even though I knew this was not a wise idea. I kept using them because I enjoyed the reputation earned by all that drug use, and I didn’t think I would fall victim to addiction. Hospital Trip No two people progress from experimentation to hazardous use to addiction in exactly the same way; my early experiences with drugs may look quite different from yours, and both of our stories might differ dramatically from another person’s.

I was known as a mama’s boy, and I started to resent my family because of this. I had a friend whose parents had divorced. He and his brothers lived a life of complete and absolute freedom from parental supervision, and for years I envied the lack of authority and discipline in their lives. This friend, on the other hand, envied the loving bond and protective environment that he witnessed while spending time with me and my family. Not until years later would I really understand his desire to be part of a nurturing and loving family such as mine—and how lucky I’d been to have had the family that I did.

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