Chess Opening Essentials: 1.d4-d5 1.d4-various Queen's by Stephan Djuric, Dimitri Komarov, Claudio Pantaleoni

By Stephan Djuric, Dimitri Komarov, Claudio Pantaleoni

This quantity is helping newcomers to boost a great figuring out of basic commencing rules, supplies informal gamers the facility to settle on the outlet that fits their kind and style, is a device for membership gamers to check and evaluate their establishing repertoire, in addition to a reference e-book to which complicated gamers hold returning. The authors don't propagate forcing tactical diversifications to be memorized routinely, yet clarify what you have to really be attempting to in achieving while taking part in the outlet of your selection. through highlighting very important strikes and key positions in colour, Chess beginning necessities lets you get out of any beginning more healthy and offers you a beginning on which to construct your repertoire.

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4f6. 10. 6f3-95! 6e6 has scored nicelv for White. gb5-b6 gb6-b5 a2-a4 12. a4-a5l 11. Wxd4?! 9b3 l, with a clear plus forWhite. 13. e2-e4 With an opening of central lines that should favour White. A cD 8. ffis trffi This is the modern way to play the game, and this move is most in keeping with the spirit of the opening. fi -f5. At this point the three most played continuations are: C1) 8. 6c3-d5!? 6f6xd5 9. c4xd5 E friA*:98 ela ffiAffiffirffiffi ffiffigffiffiffi Agg 9. d4xe5 10. e2-e4 11. Ac3-d5!

Rn,r E-E it is, he can instead play g7-96 11.... Then follows 12. 0-o 13. c6-c5 14. Ab8-a6! Heading for the optimum unoccupied However, as ab1-d2 tral-c1 ad2-fg e6-square. The resulting position has the ingredients for a fighting game typ- ical of the Dutch: White will only be able to take small comfort from his 'theoretical' advantage, which will be difficult to demonstrate over the board. 0-0 gd6^]. e4 has some theoretical dignity as an answer to the Dutch which indeed aims to make e4 as difficult as possible to play.

C6-c5 push. :t= i-la;r- ^) ]u: *# I *_: ffi With equal chances: the technically bad 85) 7. 9c1-f4 Ad6xf4! 4d7) where it weak, but White's pawn structure is won't be inferior to its white counterpart. compromised. 8. g3xf4 9. e2-e3 0-0 9. Af6-e4! 86) 7. b2-b3 To exchange the bishop via a3. Naturally, White has other options, but 7. Wd8-e7t this move reinforces the pawn structure The advantage of the modern approach and should be played sooner or later is that this move prevents - or more precisely delays anyway.

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