Chill. Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, by Deborah Reber

By Deborah Reber

Your day begins at 6am and ends at midnight—if you are lucky.
You stay alongside of all 2 hundred of your mates on Facebook.
You essentially invented the notice "multitasking."
Sound familiar?  you are not alone.  you're a part of the main overscheduled, overprogrammed, and crushed new release at the planet.  And kick back may help deal with it all!  it is only a topic of getting the appropriate body of mind.  So sit back, take a deep breath...and sit back.

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Nothing is going as planned, everyone is turning on each other, and we’re all stressed out like crazy. —CHLOE, AGE 18 Perhaps some of the most complicated stressors that crop up in your day-to-day existence are related to your social life. Because the dynamics within your social circle are unique, there’s no one simple solution for every friendship dilemma. Friendships are so intense that when problems arise they can be all-consuming—affecting your sleep, your ability to concentrate, and your overall peace of mind.

BELLA, AGE 13 Do you ever judge yourself harshly when you look in the mirror? Ever beat yourself up over a grade on a test? Ever think you should be achieving more or being the best at everything you try? At the end of the day, no matter how much pressure you feel from outside factors, there’s no doubt the biggest source of your stress is you. The pressure you place on yourself far outweighs what anything or anyone else can dish out. Luckily, this source of stress is in your control. ) What pressures and expectations do you put on yourself?

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