China by Susan Sinnott

By Susan Sinnott

Describes the background, geography, executive, economics, and folks of China.

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Performers banged on gongs, cymbals, and drums to attract attention. Today, in grand theaters in China, each performance still begins with this mixture of harsh sounds. Performers in Beijing opera wear fancy costumes. Page 33 Then the actors, with painted faces and colorful flowing robes, take the stage and tell familiar folk stories. An orchestra of traditional Chinese instruments plays at most opera performances. Children love to spend an evening at the opera. The audience often shouts back to the performers, especially when their favorite character, the Monkey King, takes the stage.

S5 2000 951dc21 00-008525 © 2001 by Compass Point Books All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. The publisher takes no responsibility for the use of any of the materials or methods described in this book, nor for the products thereof. Printed in the United States of America. " 4 The Teachings of Confucius 8 The Silk Road 12 Opening Its Doors 19 The Three Ways 22 Language 25 Chinese Art 26 The Opera 32 Food in China 35 Chinese Festivals 38 Glossary 44 Did You Know?

Page 31 Yangtze Rivers. They found they could shape the clay into plates and bowls as thin as eggshells. Artists painted designs, often in blue, on the dishes and traded them with western merchants. These fine-art pieces were popular in the Middle East and Europe. " Page 32 The Opera Chinese, or Beijing, opera is nothing like western operas. Chinese opera singers do not simply perform musically. They are also dancers, acrobats, and mimes. The first Chinese operas took place on city streets. Performers banged on gongs, cymbals, and drums to attract attention.

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